The debut album from Springtime Carnivore

June 12, 2022 0 Comments

Garden Ruin, the debut album from California’s Springtime Carnivore, is a sublime mix of dreamy psychedelic pop and hypnotic indie. The result is an album that is both memorable and remarkable.

Lead singer and songwriter Greta Morgan has created 11 tracks of pure romance and beauty, each one a unique, heartfelt journey through her personal style. From the bubbling guitar lines and the shuffling percussion of opener “Name On A Matchbook” to the gentle meanderings of “Ghost”, each song on Garden Ruin is an arresting piece of music that takes you away from the everyday world.

Continuing to slowly draw you in throughout the album is Morgan’s intimate vocals, as she weaves stories of love and heartache through her haunting voice. With shimmering melodies and dreamy sonics, it’s very hard not to get drawn into these stories. Music aside, the lyrics carry this album to the next level, with Morgan’s words often being profound yet simple at the same time.

Springtime Carnivore have crafted an exceptional entry into their psychedelic-indie oeuvre. And while Garden Ruin may be a debut album, it is evident that this band will have a long and successful career ahead of them. Highly recommended!

Springtime Carnivore’s self-titled debut album is an absolute powerhouse of indie rock and roll. With lush production and dynamic vocal work, the album is sure to leave plenty of listeners wanting more.

The LA based band formed by singer-songwriter Greta Morgan puts a modern spin on vintage 50s era Americana and 60s era folk rock. The twelve tracks on the album are heavily influenced by the many different eras in popular music that Morgan calls to mind. The tone is faithful to the classic compilation of influences, as well as packing a punch in the process. From the breezy “Midnight Room” to the gritty “River” to the brooding “Lloyd” there is something for everyone here.

The record is full of quick, sunny pop tunes with an “alt-country” inspired vibe running through it. Morgan’s voice is a highlight, with the gentle croon wrapping around every track like silk, carrying along a cozy, nostalgic vibe that can’t be denied.

From their catchy lead single “Handful Of Grass,” to their more melancholic numbers such as “If You Go Away,” there’s certainly no shortage of variety on this release. But at its core, this album is an exercise in compromise; between old school sounds and modern production techniques, between indie sensibilities and major label polish, between folk and pop, rock and roll and country.

It may not be perfect, but Springtime Carnivore’s debut album is definitely a success. This album marks a new level of maturity for Morgan’s songwriting, which elevates it from great to amazing with its sheer perfect consistency. It’s no wonder that critics are already excited for what’s next from this powerhouse of indie rock and roll!

It’s been years in the making and fans have been anticipating it since the first single was released, but now – finally – the debut album from Springtime Carnivore has dropped.

The self-titled album is the culmination of much work and careful planning, and introduces a warm mix of dreamy, reverb-soaked pop to listeners. Filled with soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics, this record takes its inspiration from the likes of Byrds-style jangle pop and classic rock.

The albums opener ‘Sun Went Black’ is an upbeat, catchy number that instantly captures attention – but don’t expect every track to sound the same. In fact, as you get further into the record as a whole there’s a pleasing variety in what may appear to be simple pop-rock. There are moments of twangy soul balladry (‘West Heaining’), gentle jazz (‘Yesterday Morning’) and even a sprinkling of country (‘Brooklyn Bridge’), all backed up by singer Carly Quinn’s euphoric vocals.

Every song on this record has something special to offer and every one of these thirteen tracks has been written with an infectious element in mind – perhaps something that sets them apart from other albums out at the moment. From standout singles ‘Face In The Moon’ and ‘Headed South’, down to the melancholic ‘Invitation Day’, each track brings something different yet equally enjoyable to the table, with subdued pop gems such as ‘Fountains’ bringing together both the upbeat and thoughtful elements of this collection.

In short – this album is an impressive debut that shows off a tremendous amount of talent and proves why Springtime Carnivore have been building such hype over the past few years. If you’re looking for something fresh but familiar then absolutely check out their self-titled release. You won’t regret it!