The Springtime Carnivore album is a good gift idea

June 12, 2022 0 Comments

As the flowers begin to bloom and the days become brighter, it’sSpringtime — and you know what that means — it’s time to start thinking about gifts. If you’re searching for something unique to give a loved one this season, then look no further than the soulful melodies and lush soundscapes of American singer-songwriter Greta Morgan’s newest album, Springtime Carnivore.

It’s hard to go wrong with this selection. The nine-track LP has all the warmth and feel of a classic folk album, with Morgan’s inviting singing and dreamy accompaniment from Nashville producer Jordan Lehning. Her vocal performance is reminiscent of classic female singers from the sixties like Dusty Springfield — delivering powerful moments while staying intimate at all times — while the various instrumentation, such as sunny organ and hollowed acoustic guitar, give an organic feel to the record. And in addition to Morgan’s beautiful singing, there are guest appearances from some other notable musicians; namely fellow songwriters Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst as well as veteran session musician Duane Eddy.

This latest effort comes on the heels of 2014’s lauded self-titled debut and is being hailed as her boldest effort yet. While still remaining true to her roots, Morgan’s gathered a larger palette and crafted a more mature sound on Springtime Carnivore. It’s an ideal companion for those seeking a bit of musical escape from the daily grind — with words of hope and encouragement making their way through every lyric. There’s something here for everyone, regardless of age or taste.

Put simply, if you’re looking for an album that speaks to universal themes of longing and love – then there’s no better option than Springtime Carnivore. This spring themed present is sure to bring a smile on someone’s face!

The Springtime Carnivore album is emerging as a popular gift idea for music-lovers everywhere. Whether you are buying the album for yourself or a special someone, this album will make your music library something to sing about.

Springtime Carnivore, the project of singer-songwriter Greta Morgan, is out with its newest album, ‘Midnight Room’, as of October 8th 2020. The new record is a collection of sweet, soulful, melancholic music that strikes a perfect balance between Morgan’s distinct vocals and her folk and rock inspired melodies. From the title track “Midnight Room” to “Gotta Get Away” and “Desert Gold”, there’s an undeniable chemistry and an undeniable depth to each song – making them timeless in their own way.

Not only does ‘Midnight Room’ feature Morgan’s exceptional talent as a songwriter, it also has some standout production work to go along with it. Taking the collaborative approach, Morgan brings on producer Paul Butler (Alexi Murdoch, Arcade Fire) to give her tracks true character and flair. The collective effort pays off greatly, with each song bringing their own unique flavour – all still distinctly Morgan’s own.

In addition to the wonderful production work, one of the most noteworthy things about ‘Midnight Room’ is how versatile Morgan’s songs are. With influences ranging from blues, pop and folk music, Morgan creates soundscapes that can enthrall any listener no matter their preferred genre. Whether they’re looking for up-beat pop numbers (“Name In The Stars”) or slow-burning ballads (“Strawberries And Cigarettes”), you’ll be sure to delight any music-lover with a copy of ‘Midnight Room’.

So if you’re deciding on which album makes for a good gift this year, be sure to consider Springtime Carnivore’s ‘Midnight Room’. It’s a record that already sees much well-deserved praise from fans and critics alike, so why not join in on the conversation?